Strengthening research management and administration skills of the INRAP’s Project Management Office (PMO)

Will focus on strengthening INRAP’s research management and administration skills


1: To professionalize INRAP’s staff currently being trained as part of a national programme and consolidate a formal office that can oversee project engineering and administration, and in a first phase at least of innovation management and technology transfer issues, to better support INRAP research activities.

2: To analyze the research management transversal skills of the PMO and establish a strategic plan for reinforcement.

3: To enhance the required transversal skills of INRAP’s PMO staff to effectively implement projects and ensure sound financial management during the entire life cycle of projects through
a series of capacity building activities.

4: To monitor the activities of PMO according to a series of established KPIs to
ensure smooth and timely execution of all project activities including corresponding quality assurance procedures to control and mitigate potential risk or re-adapt the activities if needed.

5: To apply acquired skills to efficiently manage WP1.

the list of deliverables

  D3.1     D3.2  

Consolidated report of PMO research management capabilities and action plan for reinforcement


Report on the outputs of the strengtheningcapacity building activitiesaddressed for PMO