Partnership agreement between the TUNTWIN project team and the Tunisian Association of Chemical Engineers (ATIC)

Through this agreement, signed on November 12, 2021 at the Faculty of Science in Tunis, the TUNTWIN project team and the Tunisian Association of Chemical Engineers are committed to collaborate together to consolidate the rise in competence of young Tunisian engineers and their insertion into the professional community. A “Chemical Engineering Day” was jointly organized that members of TUNTWIN have called the “Night of researchers 2”.

Partnership agreement between the TUNTWIN project and the Centre for Research and Energy Technologies (CRTEn)

This agreement aims to formalize the willingness of the collaborators to establish a partnership with a perspective of long-term relationship, allowing the development of mutual benefits in collaboration with training and research activities and / or the organization of any event to enhance these areas.

The CRTEn and INRAP set up this agreement for the coordinated conduct of research activities in the field of research by the LA-ICP-MS technique, within the framework of the TUNTWIN project and other research projects.

Interaction with national and international projects


– The POLYAM project comes in collaboration with the European project TUNTWIN, to support the international cooperation and to widen the networking of INRAP.

POLYAM is articulated between the themes of “Circular Economy” and “Sustainable Environment” with regard to the important potential of agri-food and mining effluents such as industrial wastes, phosphogypsum (phosphate deposits) and margines as secondary resources of several substances and valorizable entities. This aspect is of common interest to both POLYAM and TUNTWIN.


NARES IRP project

– The French-Tunisian NARES IRP project will address the development of polymeric materials and the study of the fundamental aspects governing their kinetic and thermodynamic adsorption properties of molecules of interest, and will also consider their recyclability. The design of macromolecular structures with specific functional groups will be envisaged to obtain specific adsorption properties in order to capture target molecules or elements with high added value. This project, comes in collaboration with the European project TUNTWIN through common interests such as advanced techniques for the analysis and detection of molecules of interest. In addition, this synergy allows to consolidate the international collaboration of INRAP and to enlarge the consortium.