Sustainability actions to step-up and continuously grow INRAP’s excellence

The actions mentioned within WP4 will be complemented by continuous sustainability actions planned to allow the unceasing grow of INRAP’s excellence through WP5 activities

Business people working together in meeting room

1: To establish the required sustainability strategy to define the key elements that INRAP needs to deliver the expected outputs

2: To provide the basis to step-up and continue the growth of INRAP under own capabilities and experience.

3: To develop and provide the necessary tools to effectively monitor excellence evolution and sustainability, as well as, the networking, guidelines and support tools required to maintain the expected achievements in excellent research.

4: To guarantee further recruit in Tunisia of Tunisian experts, so that the expertise will remain in the country and promote further longer exchanges and program outside of the TUNTWIN project.

the list of deliverables

  D5.1     D5.2     D5.3     D5.4     D5.5  

Report on sustainability strategy


Report on mapping current and potential international research and business alliances


Action plan on most stimulating future research


Governmental agreement to support INRAP’sresearch excellence


Agreement for the Job Bank