Dissemination, exploitation of results, communication and networking

Will ensure full visibility of the project for a maximum impact within and external to the consortium reaching the widest audience.


1: Develop/deliver a robust dissemination and communication strategy to ensure full visibility and for a maximum impact within/external to the consortium reaching the widest audience.

2: To maximize the inputs of the community, as well as, the outreach for the project results and networking activities thanks to a continuous contact with all involved stakeholders, attracting them to planned events.

3: To capitalize dissemination and communication activities to achieve the required promotion and reputation strengthening at an international dimension for successful establishment of future enlarged collaboration frameworks (Maghreb, Africa).

4: To enlarge the framework of projects activities to the society and to establish mechanisms to reinforce the cooperation after the project.

5: To optimize and valorize the outcome of TUNWTIN to ensure post-project heritage capitalization by target stakeholders, as a result of disseminated and communicated outputs

the list of deliverables

  D4.1     D4.2     D4.3     D4.4     D4.5     D4.6  

Dissemination and communication strategy


Project promotional materials


DCS report


Report on exploratory workshops


Report on spreading excellence action plan


Evolution of the publications in high impact journals in the relevant fields