Capacity building R&D and Innovation for Researchers, technical staff and Early Stage Researcher (ESR)

TUNTWIN will step-up INRAP’s excellence through a series of activities addressed to increase development of the human resources and build capacity of INRAP staff on targeted research domains addressing selected key knowledge and research gaps .


1: To increase development of human resources to achieve specific objective 1 (including a critical and coherent mass of ESR) and build capacity of scientific staff within INRAP on targeted research domains addressing selected key knowledge and research gaps.

2: To promote 6 ESR PhD thesis for Tunisian students on the specific topics of Food, Environment and Health (through 6 case studies) and improve their expertise on applications of advanced analytical methodologies (e.g. Emerging contaminant detection, isotopic measurements to assess quality of pharmaceutical products, Nanoparticles detection in cosmetics and food products, detection of metabolites and its derivatives by EC/MS in pharmaceutical products).

3: To create a critical and coherent mass of ESR, promoting circum Mediterranean expertise and awareness related to advanced analytical methodologies applied to targeted research domains.

4: To better integrate INRAP in the research landscape, as well as, to establish mechanisms to better collaborate and compete for EU and/or international research funding.

 5: To ensure the required knowledge transfer to contribute to sustainability of the institution through specific designed mobility, specialized trainings.

6: To concretize the value and impact of R&I activity for societal challenges.

7: To maximize the impact of research, enabling the value of results to be potentially wider than original focus and guarantee further recruit in Tunisia of Tunisian expert ESR, so that expertise will remain in the country and promote further longer exchanges beyond TUNTWIN.

the list of deliverables

  D2.1     D2.2     D2.3     D2.4     D2.5     D2.6  

Mobilities program


Research excellence training program


Report on Individual ESR Trainings


Reports On site training


Reports on organized MOOCS


Summer schools report