Project Coordination and Management

is assigned to the project coordination and management and the efficient, smooth and timely execution of all project activities 


1: To coordinate and manage the project and the efficient, smooth and timely execution of all project activities including corresponding quality assurance procedures to control and mitigate potential risk that may arise.

2: To revise and maintain project work plan. Ensuring a high supervision, control and implementation process of twinning activities.

3: To ensure an accurate an on-time communication flow among the project partners, with EC and other ongoing initiatives or stakeholders, to track the project progress and meet its objectives.

4: To establish and consolidate the different management structures (MB, BT), appointing the ESC and the ICM.

the list of deliverables

  D1.1     D1.2     D1.3     D1.4     D1.5  

Project Manual including QAP


Data Management Plan initial version


Consolidated report of minutes of the periodic MB and BT meetings


Data Management Plan 1st update


Data Management Plan final version