Ultra Traces Analyzes Aquitaine / Association for the Development of Education and Research with universities, research centers and businesses in Aquitaine

ADERA-UT2A is a technology transfer laboratory resulting from the will of scientist to provide innovative analytical solutions in the field of environment, food, biomedical and pharmacopeia with their expertise in analytical chemistry. UT2A is financially managed by ADERA and is administratively assimilated as a non-profit organization. UT2A has currently 12 persons staff, composed of 6 PhD, 2 engineers, 3 technicians and 1 administrative person. Analytical services provided by UT2A-ADERA are trace element determination, speciation analysis, bio-molecules and nanoparticles characterization.

Since two years, ADERA-UT2A also offers services for the determination of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Main customers are from major industries, SMEs and public organizations but ADERA-UT2A also works as subcontractor for major analytical laboratories from their expertise in speciation analysis. ADERA-UT2A is also involved in research projects with industrials or in the frame of research collaborative projects at the
French and European levels. In the past, ADERA-UT2A has participated in different European projects dealing with quality assurance/quality control (QUACHA), preparation, certification and stability monitoring of certified reference (MULSPOT, TRAP, SWIFT), speciation analysis (EVISA) in different PCRD. ADERA/UT2A is currently involved in the NANOPILOT H2020 EU program dealing with nanoparticles characterization in nanopharmaceuticals.

  • Fabienne Seby