Milena Horvat

Professor of Ecotechnology, Jozef Stefan Institute, Expert in stable isotopes (interdisciplinary research).

Biography : has an experience in the field of isotope geochemistry and food research, particularly in the use of stable isotopes of light elements in determining the authenticity and geographical origin of foodstuff. She works at the Department of Environmental Sciences as the Deputy Head of the Department and Head of the Group for Organic Geochemistry. She is also a professor at the Jožef Stefan international postgraduate school. Prof Ogrinc has an extensive bibliography, which includes 619 publications of which 123 are scientific articles, 25 invited lectures and 11 chapters in monographs with 1,776 citations and h index of 24.
She is also actively involved in the educational process in postgraduate programs as well as a mentor and co-mentor to graduate, master and PhD students. Currently, she works as a mentor to five doctoral students, three of them in the field of food technology. She is a WP leader of ISO-FOOD project related to Research & Education and REALMed. In addition, she is a member of the expert group on Food Quality and Safety in the framework of the European Technology Platform “Food for Life”.